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What to expect


On your first visit at Belmore Rd Chiropractic you will need to fill out a history questionaire,you do this so i can start to gather information about your problem. The more information you give me  the better it is for your diagnosis.

Once you have filled in the form, we can have a sit down consultation to discuss your problem and to go through the history in detail. Any questions or concerns will be covered at this point.

From here , I will do a physical examination, looking at your posture, muscle strength, joint structures, joint mobility and neurological tests, so I am developing my diagnosis by testing your spine. After all of the tests are done, I will be able to put all the pieces of information together into a working diagnosis. I will almost always be able to start treating you on this day ( time frame for visit one is between 40 to 60 mins).


On your second visit,  I will give you a complete report of findings which explains your problem and diagnosis, and how best to deal with it. This visit also includes treatment and any exercises / advise you may need. The subsequent visits generally last up to 30 mins.

Do you read X-rays ?  Yes i do. I am fully trained; ( I previously took my own X-rays in the clinic ). It would be helpful to bring in old X-rays to the first visit or relevant medical  history.

Do you massage before the  Adjustments ? Yes i certainly do. Your back pain usually comes from the muscles as well as the back joints. So by massage therapy I can treat the back muscles directly and it is also a great way to warm up the back and relax the patient.

Do you use contracts ?  No i dont believe in contracts, making you pay up front for a block of treatments doesn't seem right. No pressure / no contracts / no hassles.