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Our Services

Below are a list of Chiropractic Treatments that are used at the clinic.

Our Techniques -

  • Diversified Adjustments  -  are the most common and well known in the community. It  involves long lever adjustments done with high velocity,low amplitude thrusts that usually results in a cavitation of a joint. The focus is on restoration to normal biomechanical function. The Chiropractor makes a manual adjustment to correct mis-aligned or subluxated segments in the spine.

  • Terminal Point Technique  -  is a commonly used adjustment that uses parts of  the treatment table , where segments can drop a small way, to help move the spine, without causing much torsion to the spine.

  • Gonsted Technique  - A detailed analysis of spinal X-rays are used to list specific joint subluxations to determine correct adjustments to be administered.

  • CBP Technique  - Chiropractic Biophysics technique is used to restore normal 3-D human posture. Methods include mirror image adjustments and exercises, it also does not  cause much torsion to the spine. The over all posture of the spinal column is targeted for correction, as opposed to individual spinal segments.

  • Massage  -  soft tissue massage. Including deep massage, remedial  and the Nimmo technique, plus Muscle stretching, postural retraining, mobilisations, and motion palpation.

At Belmore Rd Chiropractic  we stock a full range of  therapeutic products, including pillows, ice packs, wheat bags, spine braces and supports.